2.1 Directories

The whole SEISAN system is located in subdirectories residing under the main directory SEISMO. For more details, see chapter 3 on installation. The system contains the following main subdirectories:

REA: Earthquake readings and full epicenter solutions in a database
WOR: The users work directory, initially empty
TMP Temporal storage of files, initially empty
PRO: Programs, source code and executables
LIB: Libraries and subroutines
INC: Include files for programs and subroutines in PRO and LIB
COM: Command procedures
DAT: Default and parameter files, e.g. station coordinates
WAV: Digital waveform data files
CAL: System calibration files
INF: Documentation and information
ISO: Macroseismic information
SUP: Supplementary files and programs

In the following, the above subdirectories will mostly be called directories to avoid always referring to SEISMO. All directories use capital letters, however this only makes a difference in the Unix versions. The directory structure is used as a tree like structure for quick access to individual files in the REA directory, which therefore will appear as a simple database to the user. The next section is a description of the database directories; the other directories are described in chapter 44. Figure 2.1 shows the tree structure of SEISAN.

Figure 2.1: Structure of SEISAN. Note that BERGE under WAV is optional and DELET (not shown) under REA has a similar directory structure as e.g. NAO.
\epsfig{file = fig/fig1-v2.eps, width=4in}