2.5 Moving data between Sun, Linux, MacOSX and Windows

All S-files and file names are identical on the three platforms. To move many events (S-files) from one system to another, make a COLLECT (section 12) on the original system and a SPLIT (section 13) on the receiving system. As mentioned in section 2.3, the SEISAN binary waveform files have different internal structure if written on Sun, Linux, MacOSX or Windows, but this is corrected for in the reading routine, so files can be copied directly. GSE files can be copied directly since they are ASCII files. SEED/MINISEED files can be used directly on all platforms.

The only other files that are different are the binary earth model files IASP91_platform.HED and
IASP91_platform.TBL in the DAT directory (where platform is either linux, macosx or windows). The platform is included in the filename. The files cannot be moved, but are easily regenerated with the IASP91 programs, see section 30 and 8.8 in the Hypocenter manual.