3. Installation

SEISAN has been tested and compiled for Windows 10, Linux and MacOSX. If you wish to run SEISAN on Solaris, please note that not all programs will work. The SEISAN GUI "Seisan Exporer" is provided for Windows and Linux , it has not been tested for MacOSX.

Upgrade from previous versions

Before you start, take a backup copy of your DAT directory. Note that when you upgrade, many parameter files will be overwritten so make sure old parameter files are copied before putting in a new version of SEISAN. The most important are in DAT: STATION0.HYP, SEISAN.DEF, MULPLT.DEF. Also the Unix setup file SEISAN.csh and SEISAN.bash is overwritten. You may also want to keep copies of PRO, LIB and INC to keep a copy of the old source code, especially if you have done any modifications to the code. You can keep almost all of your parameter files, only SEISAN.DEF has been changed. Check this file and change to your system. Some individual program parameter files like for SPEC have changed.

How to get SEISAN

SEISAN can be downloaded using a browser from

The web site will at least contain the following files:

seisan_X.Y_.unix.tar.gz a compressed tar file, whole distribution with executables and test data, X.Y stands for the latest distribution number and Unix for the respective Unix system ( linux or macosx).
seisan._X.Y.exe Windows distribution an install file
seisan_X.Y.pdf The SEISAN manual, Adobe PDF
seitrain_X_Y.pdf SEISAN training course
testdata_X.Y.tar.gz SEISAN data for the training course

Section 3.11 gives additional information about modifications and recompilation.