3.4 Cygwin

As alternative to running SEISAN directly under Windows, it can also be compiled and used under Cygwin. The cygwin website http://www.cygwin.com explains:

“Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. It consists of two parts:

It is attractive to use SEISAN with Cygwin as it looks like the Unix version. Under Cygwin SEISAN uses X graphics, which requires the Cygwin X server (part of Cygwin). The compilation under Cygwin is like Linux, which means on the software side there are fewer differences to take care of.

Cygwin can be downloaded and installed from the website. However, to be able to compile SEISAN a number of non-default packages have to be included:

We also recommend to install:

The choice of packages is done through the Cygwin installation tool. With some of the packages, additional required packages will be selected by default and must be installed.

To install SEISAN under Cygwin, use the Linux distribution and set SEISARCH to `linux32' or `linux64'. You have to compile as described for Linux below.

Under Cygwin, you can use csh or tcsh, which will allow to use the SEISAN.csh. If your default is bash, `(t)csh' can be started from the command line. The X server is started using command `startx' from the Cygwin prompt. See the Cygwin documentation for more details.

Cygwin has not been tested on latest versions of SEISAN.