3.14 Format description in parmater files

Since most SEISAN programs are written in Fortran, the format descriptions follow the Fortran convention. The following are the main format descriptors:

In: Integer format: E.g. I5 means an integer with 5 digits normally right justified. A completely blank field will be read as zero. Examples:

       123456..    (Position)
         1100      read as 1100  
           11      read as 11  
                   read as 0

Fn.k: Real number format: E.g. f7.3 is a real number occupying 7 places like 111.111 and the decimal point is 3 places from the right. Any real number can occupy the 7 places like

       1234567     (Position)

All of these will be read as 1.1. If there is no decimal place given, it is automatically put k places from the right. Like the number 1234 read with f4.2 will be read as 12.34. nX . Spaces. Like 5x means 5 spaces.
An: Character format: Like A5 means reading 5 characters
Combining format specifications, example

1234567890123456789 position 2f5.1,1x,a4,2x,i2
11.1 12.1 text 12

Do not use tabulator instead of blanks