18.11 SEIASC, converting SEISAN waveform files to or from ASCII

A simple program to make an ASCII equivalent of a binary SEISAN file, or vice versa. It is the same call to use the program both ways. By using a filenr.lis file as input, many files are converted and the original filenames are kept with the addition of an A for ASCII or B for binary. If the files are converted back, the A or B is removed.
The program is useful for manually editing a waveform file or checking the content in case of problems. The program is also useful for moving binary files between different types of computer platforms (moved as ASCII files, not needed between platforms running SEISAN). Between PC, Sun, Linux and MacOSX, SEISAN programs will automatically adjust for differences in binary structure. The header format is exactly like the binary SEISAN files and the sample values are written in multicolumn format.

Works ONLY with SEISAN format