10.2 MAP, running EPIMAP without questions

The many options in EPIMAP are often not needed, and a bit cumbersome for routine use, so the wrapper program, MAP, will automatically calculate the input parameters and start EPIMAP. To run the program type

map file-name

where file-name can be an s-file or a compact file. If no file name is given, MAP will ask for a file name.

Some optional flags are available:

s: plot stations as triangles

S: ——— with stations code above

f: plot fault plane solutions

m: plot epicenter symbol according to magnitude range

l: plot localities names

r: plot rays

Program MAP gets its few input parameters from SEISAN.DEF using most of the same parameters as used with the EEV option map. The parameters used are:

EPIMAP_STATIONS : plot stations from STATION0.HYP . Options are: blank: no stations plotted, a: all stations with station coded plotted, x: all stations without station code plotted. NOTE: Option s (plot some stations) cannot be used.

EPIMAP_MAP_FILE : name of map file, if blank use WORLD

EPIMAP_PROJECTION : projection number, if 0, use Mercator = 3

EPIMAP_LOCALITY_FILE: name of geogrpghic localities with names to be plotted

The program will determine the area of the map from the data file and add 0.5 degree in all directions. The latitude-longitude grid will have 5 lines for both latitude and longitude, however the smallest spacing is one degree. The commands used for the plot are given in map.inp. the file can be edited to change parameters and the plot remade with command epimap map.inp.

Ray path option

The rays are generated from the stations in the S-files. Only stations with given phases are used and only with given weights so e.g. all P-phase rays can be plotted. The epicenter coordinates are taken from the S-files and the station coordinates from the STATION0.HYP. The additional question is:

Enter phases to use for ray paths, one per line, terminate with enter Only the chars given will be used so entring e.g. P, all P-type phases will be used


Minimum output weight for phase-stat to be used, enter for non zero weight phases

When using the r-option, epicenters are always plotted, also epicenters without rays. Stations are only plotted if s or S option is used and only the stations used are plotted. When plotting rays, only option S works so using s will also plot station codes (a design problem of EPIMAP). If a map is needed withwout station codes, use MAPG.

The map outline is adjusted to include all stations used. The ray paths in epimap format are stored in file epimap.ray.

The rays are plotted as straight lines so no allowence for earth curvature while in GMAP they are plotted correctly. For small areas it makes no difference.