41.5 GSE response to SEED, GSERESP2SEED

GSERESP2SEED can be used to build dataless SEED volumes from a set of GSE calibration files. The conversion is based on the GSE2SEED program by Reinould Sleeman (email [email protected]). Input can be single filenames or a list of files given in filenr.lis. The program produces a single channel SEED volume for each channel given by a GSE response file. At the end of the output filename, GSE is replaced by SEED. Other tools have to be used to merge several channels into one SEED volume. If there are several GSE files for a channel from different time periods, a stop date has to be given in the CAL2 line of the respective GSE file. Station coordinates are taken from the STATION0.HYP file. The program can use the site name, if it is part of the GSE response file through a comment line as in the following example:

 (GSE2SEED_SITENAME Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England, UK)