3.1 Quick start with test data

When you have installed SEISAN a quick way to make sure it works ok is to use the four test events that are included in the distribution. Use the EEV program to open the events and plot the waveforms. On a command line type
eev 199606
to see the 2 events from year 1996 and
eev 202102
to see the 2 events from year 2021.
Note, the 1996 events are in the old Nordic format and the 2001 events are in the new Nordic format.
In EEV use 't' to view the sfile and 'po' to plot the waveform data. If this works SEISAN is most likely installed ok. If the default data base is not TEST, run EEV with:
eev 202102 TEST
If this does not work, please see the instructions below.