7.1.13 Alternative model

By default, an event is located using the STATION0.HYP input file. However, each event can use its own model (with all the location parameters) which is specified with one character in column 21 on the Nordic input file header line. The model then has a corresponding name. If e.g. the model is called W, the corresponding input station file will be called STATIONW.HYP. It is therefore possible to have as many different station files, as there are printable characters. Note that if a different model x has been specified and is not present, the program will stop with the message “STATIONx.HYP does not exist”. The file MODEL.DEF in DAT can be used to assign the single character a name, which can be listed from EEV. The format in MODEL.DEF is one line per model, the model indicator is given in column 1, column 2 is blank and the model name is given in columns 3 to 80. The MODEL.DEF is for information only.