7.1.1 Phases

Local crustal phases:

The program will accept P, Pg, Pn, S, Sg, Sn, Pb, Sb, Rg, T and Lg phases and when locating teleseismic events most of the IASPEI phases (see below). If only P or S is given, the fastest phase is used as in the original version of the program. The phase used by the program is indcated in output, see later.

Pb, Pn, Sb and Sn phases

If Pb and Pn phases (and Sn and Sn) are used as input, the depth will be kept below Conrad and Moho, respectively provided RESET TEST(47) is set to 1.0. If the test parameter is set to 0.0 (default) the phases will ttreatred like first arrivals. IN ORDER TO CALCULATE Pn, THE MUST BE AN INTERFACE BELOW MOHO.

Duplicate phases

In SEISAN before version 12.0 duplicate phases would not be used. From verison 12.0 thay are used and it up to the user to remove them.