5.10 Logging in SEISAN

This part describes how logging is handled in SEISAN. Logging is turned off by setting SEISAN_LOGGING to \bgroup\color{black}$ 0.0 $\egroup in SEISAN.DEF.

Logging is performed by:


Logging in EEV is done with respect to each event:

For each event a log file is created in the LOG folder in the database folder. The log file name is linked to the sfile name, like:

S-file:   /seisan/REA/TEST_/1996/06/06-0648-30R.S199606                        
Log file: /seisan/REA/TEST_/LOG/1996/06/06-0648-30R.S199606.LOG

To see the content of the current log file type log in EEV.

The log file contain information on when a change was done, who the operator was and what the action was. The sfile is listed in the log file to show changes.

MULPLT cont mode:

Logging in MULPLT cont mode is described on page [*], the log files are stored in the LOG folder in the database folder.