5.4 Interactive work with earthquake locations, EEV command

The idea of SEISAN for interactive work is that the user should be able to easily jump from event to event and run several different programs with one event without restarting every time. This is done with the command EEV (see below). In this interactive mode, events are picked, edited, located, moved, deleted etc. until a satisfactory solution is found. In the interactive mode, NO UPDATING of the location in the permanent output CAT directory is done since it is too easy in interactive mode to accidentally change something. The permanent updating of CAT directories can only be done for one or several months at a time (see UPDATE command) in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten within a month. Thsi also updates the S-files. Updating single events can also be done in EEV.

Once the events have been updated, further work can be done (like searching for specific events or making a bulletin) using single programs which read directly from the database. Most of the analysis programs will also work without using the database structure that is e.g. searching in single file with many events. For more details of the analysis programs, see chapter 6.