33.2 CRISIS2012

CRISIS2012 is a computer program to compute seismic hazard in extended regions. It was developed at the Institute of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico, by Mario Ordaz, Armando Aguilar and Jorge Arboleda.

Basic input data are: geometry of the sources, seismicity parameters of the sources, and ground motion prediction equations. In addition, the spectral ordinates, for which the hazard is calculated, must be defined together with the calculation grid and parameters related to the integration and display of results. Details about the use of CRISIS2012 are given in the separate CRISIS2012 manual PDF file contained in the MSI installation file in SUP.

CRISIS2012 is only available under Windows and needs to be installed separately. An MSI file is available in SUP. When opening the MSI file, an installation widow appears asking a number of questions in Spanish. The following choices should lead to successful installation of CRISIS2012:

1st window:
Siguiente (next)
2nd window:
Choose the location where CRISIS2012 should be installed (browse with 'Examinar').
Choose whether CRISIS2012 should be available for all users (Para todos los usuarios) or current user only (Solo para este usuario)
Siguiente (next)
3rd window:
Siguiente (next)
4th window:
Cerrar (close)

During the process, it may be necessary to update the .NET framework of the computer.

After installation, a number of files will be available at the location specified in the 2nd installation window. CRISIS2012 is launched through CRISIS 2012.exe . A comprehensive manual is found in CRISIS 2008 Manual.pdf and through the help function of CRISIS2012.