18.1 APPEND, Append two or more waveform files

The program uses a filenr.lis input file. All files are read, and then written out as one new file. The maximum number of channels is max_chan_out which is set as a parameter (currently 7). Only the first max_chan_out channels are used or less if fewer channels in file. A blank line followed by a new group of files will make a new output file. There is also a question of how many files should be megerd at a time so e.g. every 10 files will be mergged. This is independent of the option with blank lines. The output file cannot have more than standard SEISAN dimension number of samples ( more than 2 400 000, see file ../INC/seidim.inc for exact number) per channel.

It is assumed that all channels have the same sample rate and that files follow each other in time.

Input format can be many but output format is SEISAN.