17.3 STATIS, statistics of databases

This is a simple program for making statistics of stations used in the database or in a file. The program will ask the following questions:

  1. Information about which stations should be searched for in the database. There are several options for entry:
    a: Give a filename with the stations listed one per line. The format is a5. The file name MUST have a '.' not to be confused with option (b) below.
    b: Give stations, one pr line, enter to finish, enter for def file statis.def
    c: Just make a return and the stations given in file statis.def will be used. The file has one station per line an dcan be located in either the working directory or DAT.
  2. Standard questions about base or filename and time interval
  3. Question about counting all phases. This means counting the occurrence of a station for each phase for that particular station. This can give the total number of phases read at a particular station in a given time interval which can be more than the number of events. If not counting all phases, the program gives the number of events recorded at the station.

The output from the program could be as follows:

 Station     Local Ev.   Local S.  Distant E  Distant S 
    KONO          0                    21          8
    KMY          24         10          6          0
    ODD           0                           
    EGD          28          0          3          1
    ASK          29          0          3          0
    HYA          16          1                     0
    SUE          16          4          2          0
    FOO          18          1          3          0
    NRA0         86          9          0         
    MOL          38         17         14          1
    NSS           9          6          7          0
    MOR           0                           
    LOF          25         13         12          0
    TRO          12          2         13          1
    BJO           0                           
    KBS           3          2          8          6
    JMI          16          0                  
    KTK1         22          1          2          0
    ARA0         66          6          0         

 NSN   147
 JMI    21
 KNN    10
 W_L     2
 W_E     1
 W_S     2

 Number of events selected with given stations     222
 Number of events selected with more than ---       98
 Number of events with no phases                     0
 Number of events with waveforms                   168
 Number of events with only waveforms                0
 Number of events with 2 or more waveforms           9
 Total number of waveform files                    183
 Total number of local events                      200
 Total number of regional events                     0
 Total number of distant events                     34
 Total number of events                            234
 Total number of records                          2830

 Output files are: statis.out
                   statab.out (station statistics only)

The top part shows the event statistics by station. Local Ev is number of local events (readings if so specified above) (type L and R) at the station, Local S means number of local events ONLY recorded at that station, Distant E and distant S is the same for distant events (type D). The middle parts shows the number of waveform files NWAV from different networks NET as indicated by the first 3 letters of the waveform file name after the "." At the bottom is a summary statistics most of which should be self-explanatory. The information about ".. more than given stations" means that in addition to the stations searched for, the event had additional stations not used in the statistics.