11.1.3 Historical data

When working with historical data, it can be useful to work with catalogs of several centuries. The century is available in the Nordic Format, so catalogs can go back to year 0. Output:

select.out: A CAT-file or compact file (depending on input) of selected events.

index.out: A list of event id's of selected events can be used with EEV or other programs accepting index files. This could be used e.g. to work on only distant events in the database by first selecting all distant events and then working with these directly in the database using command EEV index.out. Index files can have any name (must contain a `.') so different subsets can be available with different index files.

Waveform_names.out: A list of corresponding waveform files. It is mainly intended for copying to or from tape specific waveform files. It has the format of the filenr.lis files and can be used directly with e.g. MULPLT. See also program get_wav for selecting waveform files from the database.

select.inp: A file with all the parameters used for the run. The file can be renamed, edited and used as input for select. This is particularly an advantage if a complex set of selection parameters are used and the selection is wanted again with just a small change. An example file is shown below

 Base or file name            : TEST_                             
 Start time                   : 19930300000000
 End time                     : 19961231235959
 Minimum number of stations   :              0
 Maximum number of stations   :            999
 Minimum latitude             :        -90.000
 Maximum latitude             :         90.000
 Minimum longitude            :       -360.000
 Maximum longitude            :        360.000
 Minimum magnitude            :          5.000
 Maximum magnitude            :          7.000
 Magnitude agencies           :                               
 Hypocenter agencies          :                               
 Minimum rms                  :          0.000
 Maximum rms                  :        999.000
 Minimum depth                :        -99.000
 Maximum depth                :      99999.000
 Minimum error in latitude    :          0.000
 Maximum error in latitude    :      99999.000
 Minimum error in longitude   :          0.000
 Maximum error in longitude   :      99999.000
 Minimum error in depth       :        -99.000
 Maximum error in depth       :      99999.000
 Magnitude types (L,C,B,S,W)  :      
 Distance (ID) types (L,R,D)  :      
 Event types (e.g. E,V,P)     :      
 Minimum number of polarities :              0
 Felt earthquakes             :              F
 Fault plane solution         :              F
 Check all header lines       :              F
 Waveform files to check      :                                         
 Minimum gap                  :          0.000
 Maximum gap                  :        360.000
 Phases                       : P   SSS PP
 Volcanic subclasses          :        
 Stat., comp. dist range, phase (1x,a5,a2,2i7,1x,a4) one pr line, end blank line:
 STAT CO Mindis Maxdis Phas All stat hdist->TT
 BER  SZ      1    999 P    

 Polygon points (lat,lon), one pair pr line, end with blank line :

Note: The TT at STAT line indicates that all stations must be present (True) and hypocentral distance is used (True)