11.1.4 Select with input from the prompt line

This option is particular useful when using select with automated operations and has been made specifically to deal with extracting data out of the data bases using WEB based software. This option do not have all of the above options. The following are implemented:

-base : 5 letter data base
-seisweb: if set, WEB output parameters
-time : time interval (2 variables)
-web_out: complete path to where data is placed, only
active if seisweb set. 3 files are made:
web_out.id : id's, like index.out without
web_out.all : like select.out
web_out.head : header lines
-area : lat-lon grid, minlat,maxlat,minlon,maxlon
-depth : depth range, mindepth,maxdepth
-mag : magnitude range, minmag,maxmag
-nstat : range of number of stations, min,max
-gap : range of gap, min,max
-rms : range of rms, min,max
-magtypes : up to 5 mag types, one string, e.g L
-disttype : distance type, e.g D
-eventtype : event type, e.g. E

Problems: An event might be found and listed in index.out, but when looking for it with EEV, it is not there. This can happen if an event has been deleted with EEV and no UPDATE has been made, so that the event is still present in the CAT part of the database.