10.6 SEIS2VIEWER, Plotting hypocentres in 3D

The program is written by Ruben Soares Luís ([email protected]) and use the SeismicityViewer50 program by Anthony Lomax. To program has been aliased to smap.


seis2viewer is a wrapper for the application SeismicityViewer, developed by Anthony Lomax for rapid mapping of seismic events. SeismicityViewer displays hypocenter locations in 3D as well as station locations and P/S residuals. Geographic and geologic features can also be displayed as well as focal mechanisms. Please find details here:

seis2viewer has been created to take information from a nordic file from Seisan and convert it in a format usable by SeismicityViewer 5.0 (NLLoc Format). It automatically launches Seismicity Viewer, generating a set of files required for its operation.

In its current version, seis2viewer allows the visualization of hypocenters and magnitudes in SeismicityViewer 5.0. Other information, such as station locations, P and S residuals, etc. is not displayed.


Configuration Files:


seis2viewer is distributed as a single .jar file (seis2viewer.jar), containing all the necessary classes to work, including Seismicity Viewer 5.0. This file is placed in the PRO directory of seisan. To facilitate the usage of seis2viewer, an executable script file to call seis2viewer has been created, smap. As an example, the executable script should contain the following line:

java -jar $SEISAN_TOP/PRO/seis2viewer.jar $1        (for unix/linux)
java -jar %SEISAN_TOP%/PRO/seis2viewer.jar %1%      (for windows)

The configuration file, seis2viewer.def, and any other required files should be placed in the DAT directory of seisan. Alternatively, the user may have its configurations on the working directory. the configuration file refers to a more detailed map file, europe.xyz, which will be plotted superimposed on the built in word map (can be turned on and off on the plot). The location of this file must be given an absolute path. In the example file, the path is given for Windows as

seismicity.lines.gray = C:/\seismo/\DAT/\europe.xyz

where the '/' is needed under Windows. The user must adjust this line to the local environment. Detailed map files in xyz format, using standard SEISAN MAP files, can be made with program SELMAP.

Automatically Generated Files seis2viewer generates a set of files to be used by Seismicity Viewer 5.0. Although these files are, in principle, irrelevant to the user, it is nevertheless important to mention them for reference purposes.


seis2viewer can be used directly with a nordic file containing one or more events (e.g. select.out) as:

java -jar %SEISAN_TOP%/PRO/seis2viewer.jar select.out    (windows)
java -jar $SEISAN_TOP/PRO/seis2viewer.jar select.out     (unix/linux)

or using the command 'smap')
smap select.out
seis2viewer can also be called directly from eev, as an external program, using the prefix 'o' as:
In this case, smap will try to find the file eev.cur.out, which is automatically generated by eev and contains a reference to the event that is currently under work.

Seis2viewer will use a global mode if the distance between events is more than 8 degrees. The global mode can be forced with the flag -gl (but not with command smap, use complete command like

java -jar C:\Seismo\PRO\seis2viewer.jar -gl select.out

Seis2viewer noramlly requires a Nordic file for input and will only plot the header line hypocenter. To plot all hypocenter lines in the s-file, use option -ia. This option can also be used to plot a compact file (ooly header lines, no space between lines).

Figure 10.9: Epicenter map by SEIS2VIEWER.