Welcome to This webpage serves as a pointer to the main URL's from where you can download SEISAN.

The URL's are found here:
  • Download SEISAN latest version (and old versions): Software or
  • Tutorial: PDF
  • Manual: HTML / PDF
  • Get help: Mailing List
  • Become an expert: Traning Document and Data : ZIP / RAR / TAR
  • SEISAN related software and data: Link
  • QuakeML - NOR2QML - Online convertion between QuakeML and Nordic format: Link

  • Other SEISAN manuals and descriptions in:
    Spanish; basic analysis, v10.3, PDF
    Farsi; instructions and theory, v10.1, PDF data set: Link
    Spanish; installation on Linux or Mac, v10, YouTube 25min
    English; volcano monotoring, v8.2.1, PDF
    Russian; the manual, v6.0, PDF
    Chinese; basic functions, v5.2, PDF

    1. Havskov, J., Voss, P.H. and Ottemoller, L. (2020). Seismological Observatory Software: 30 Yr of SEISAN. Seismological Research Letters, 91 (3): 1846-1852. DOI: or the preprint: PDF
    2. Havskov and Ottemoller, SeisAn Earthquake analysis software, Seis. Res. Lett., 70, 1999.
    Jens Havskov - Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
    Lars Ottemöller - Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
    Peter Voss - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

    SEISAN presented at IRIS Webinar on OCT 6th, 2014 (Version 10.1, 1 hour 20 min):

    Locate a local earthquake with three stations in SEISAN:

    UIB Reports from networks using SEISAN and other nice informations: LINK