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To SEISAN users

We hereby announce that we will organize a SEISAN workshop November 21 to November 25, 2016. It will take place at the National Seismic Network of Portugal at Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), Lisboa. The institute is close to the airport. The workshop is intended for existing SEISAN users so there will not be training for new SEISAN users. Our suggested program is:

SEISAN Explorer: Our latest version now has hypocenter location tightly integrated

Automatic routines in SEISAN
  • Auto picking phases: Autopick and autophase
  • Automag: Automatic magnitudes Ml and Mw
  • Autoratio: Automatic amplitudes for fault plane solutions
  • Condet: Detection of events
  • Corr: Automatic picks by correlation

    Fault plane solutions and moment tensor inversion
  • Focmec with polarities and amplitudes
  • Hash with polarities and amplitudes
  • Fpfit with polarities
  • Moment tensor inversion
  • Stress inversion

    SeisComp3 and SEISAN
  • Getting data out of SeisComp3 manually
  • Getting data into SEISAN automatically with SC2SEI
  • Plotting continuous data in SEISAN using SeisComp3 archive

    We suggest that participants bring their own data to be used with one or several of the above topics.

    Demonstration of the Portuguese network and how SEISAN has been adopted.

    Other participants contributions relevant to SEISAN, please come with suggestions.

    Accommodation: Fernando suggests the "Parque das Nações area", close to the river. There is a metro station (Oriente station) and from there to the airport it is only 3 stops, and from the airport to IPMA it is a nice 10min walk. In this area there are several hotel options, for instance the IBIS Hotel.

    We would like to get answers from those that intend to participate before September 15.

    Fernando, Lars, Peter and Jens

    The URL's are found here:
  • Download SEISAN latest version (and old versions): Software
  • Tutorial: PDF
  • Manual: HTML / PDF
  • Get help: Mailing List
  • Become an expert: Traning Document and Data : ZIP / RAR / TAR
  • SEISAN related software and data: Link

  • References: Havskov and Ottemoller, SeisAn Earthquake analysis software, Seis. Res. Lett., 70, 1999.

    Jens Havskov - Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
    Lars Ottemöller - Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
    Peter Voss - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

    SEISAN presented at IRIS Webinar on OCT 6th, 2014 (Version 10.1, 1 hour 20 min):

    UIB Reports from networks using SEISAN and other nice informations: LINK